The Perfect Colors

Additional Services


In addition to Color Consultation Services for the interior or exterior of your home, office, restaurant or development, we offer a number of Interior Design solutions to suit any budget:

Staging Your Home– One costly choice that many homeowners make is putting large amounts of money into remodeling their home, believing they will be able to then sell it for more money.  While this has many times been true in the past, in this current economic cycle, a more conservative approach may be prudent. Certain colors and designs actually push potential buyers away while others invite them in and encourage a connection. By using the assistance of a trained professional, many less invasive and less expensive options can be implemented. The result?  A home on the market for weeks or even days rather than months.  The Perfect Colors is an economical option!

Home ReDesign– Use what you have! One of the best options to get the most bang for your buck is to get the fresh perspective of a professional designer who can help you to use what you have and make only minor changes in floor plan, accessories and color selection to achieve amazing results! If there are a few items that are needed to add the finishing touches, we have shopping services and wholesale resources so that our clients have the peace of mind knowing that any purchases will fit in with their newly re-designed home and won’t break the bank.

Complete Home Remodeling– The Perfect Colors is a full service design studio offering interior design services and project management for any size project. Along with providing a complete wind ow treatment design and installation service, we offer space planning, kitchen and bath design, furniture and accessory selection, lighting, as well as cabinetry & flooring design. Our list of resources will help you to narrow your choices down quickly and make the process more enjoyable. We have a number of licensed contractors that we work with and would be happy to refer.

Color Consulting and Forecasting for Fashion, Furniture & Accessories- Choosing the right color palette for your next line or for your personal wardrobe can sometimes be confusing and frustrating as you try to sort through the hundreds of trends and styles available on the market and discern the next “it” color or style. Save time and costly errors by contracting The Perfect Colors to do the leg work and research for you.

In the Greater Los Angeles & Santa Barbara Areas: For information or an appointment to transform your space with a Perfect Colors Consultation or

For an online Perfect Colors Consultation, please email



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