The Perfect Colors

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Have you noticed that when you pick out a paint color, it never seems to look the way you thought it would? Do you buy furniture, carpet, tile or even accessories and it looks perfect at the store, but completely different when you get it in your space? Allow one of our Professional Color Consultants to explain why this happens and help you to find the RIGHT look for any project. Call us before you call the painters or pick your furnishings and accessories- we’ll take the guess work out and help you to avoid costly mistakes!

If your space needs an update or you are starting from scratch, picking the right colors may be the easiest and least expensive way to personalize your space and create the effect of a complete makeover. Color makes a big difference! It affects our moods, our sense of space, and even our blood pressure and brain waves. A color analysis from a Professional Color Consultant will help you to evaluate the best possible options and bring a fresh perspective that will allow you to enjoy the full potential of your environment.

A Perfect Colors Consultation will create a custom palette  and tie every surface together to bring a sense of flow and harmony. The right color in the right place can make the difference between a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere or one that stimulates and raises energy levels. A Basic Color Consultation only costs approximately $100.00!

In the Greater Los Angeles & Santa Barbara Areas: For information or an appointment to transform your home with a Perfect Colors Consultation, or

For an online Perfect Colors Consultation, please email